My Story

I'm so glad you found me. :) My name is Nikki Ketring. I was born and raised in a small town called Pleasant Hill, Ohio.  At the age of 24, I met, fell in love, and married my best friend Brian. We had two boys while still living in Ohio and welcomed our 3rd son right after moving to Mooresville, NC. We decided that me being a stay at home mom while our boys were young was important to our family.  In their early years, I did a lot of volunteering at their schools, helping out with PTO and such. As my youngest was finishing up preschool, I helped out more and more there and eventually started working part time as a Preschool Teacher.  I fell in love with teaching kids and helping them learn to read and write. So much so that I even began selling children's books on the side.  I named the business Paige Turner. :)   After a few years, and all of my children in "BIG KID SCHOOL"  the business began growing so much that it was hard to stay up with everything while still teaching.  I decided to try my hand at going full time into the Self Employed business world.  I started adding children's clothing, accessories and more. I really hated that all the children's clothing looked the same everywhere I went. I really wanted to offer Unique Clothes for Unique Kids! It was time for a change in the way we dressed our kids. From clothing to accessories and even books....and now here in 2023 we're even adding WOMENS Apparel and Accessories.  We're here to offer some of the coolest, newest and most unique items out there and I couldn't be more excited that you have found me and my business. I hope that you love our styles as much as I do and continue to return time and time again.  

Much LOVE,